The Purple Report 2016, SwanDog's Annual Marketing Benchmark Survey

The Purple Report is designed to help you answer 3 essential questions:

  • Am I investing properly in marketing?
  • Where are my peers placing their bets?
  • How is marketing responding to industry trends?

If you participated in our survey you received a copy of the report & a replay of the webinar.

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See the Ignites article here:

“The biggest mistake a firm can make is they try to do a little of everything, and it doesn’t even make a dent,” says Dave Swanson, president and CEO of SwanDog, a marketing consulting firm.

“My advice is to focus on one or two fields and really be a leader in that.”

“What we heard in our calls and interviews was a lot of frustration from small firms,” Swanson says.

Until that changes [data availability and acumen], marketing will not get more strategic, Lesser says. But the clock is ticking, especially for active managers seeking to get their messages heard by advisors and their clients.

“Marketing is at an inflection point,” says Lesser.